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Dozens or hundreds of private sites appear and disappear in a day.

Before and after using the private site

There are a lot of cases to find out about food verification.

It is never easy for an individual to verify a website by himself.

Headquarters has established an alliance link system with numerous verification communities.

By operating , it reduces the risk of members by only 1%.

The same guarantee system as other commu, faithful to the basics

General company certification and deposit system

Two-way guarantee signed with battingkorea

  By signing an agreement, you are comfortable and safe.

We create the largest environment for betting

The base of the management team is the basic, the motive that prioritizes the position of the better

Leader of the betting industry. "Wasabi Betting" is the Officer-oriented first-generation compartment Better

By putting in a large amount, your mind is different from those of other subsidiaries.

Always think from the standpoint of bettors and pursue a betting culture that approaches

"Wasabi Betting" keeps pace with the turbulent online betting culture.

I do promise to do our best for each and every one

We will not be bystander to inform minor opinions, etc.


It is a hope that it will be a place of communication for all betting users.

It is a community that anyone can read without registering as a member.

[Sports Toto]

What is Sports Toto?

Sports Toto is a national public service, and soccer Toto was first established on October 6, 2001.

It was released in the beginning, and since then, professional basketball in November 2001, professional golf in June 2004, professional baseball in July 2004, Ssireum 2004, September, and professional volleyball in November 2006.

However, Toto has a very low refund rate compared to overseas Toto, compared to 72% for horse racing and 70% for racing.

It is very low at 50%.

What is the difference between Toto and Proto?

1. Toto divides the winnings equally equal to the number of winnings.
As Toto buyers buy, the Toto odds change.
The Toto dividend rate, which is a crowd of many people, will fall, and it will be an unusual phenomenon that people do not buy very much.

In this case, the odds increase.

A game that receives hit money by predicting the result or content of a sports game before the game
-Winning Ceremony (a game that predicts the win, draw, loss of a match)
-Score formula (a game that predicts the goal of the match, the goal scored)
-Mixed type (a game that predicts wins, draws, losses, goals and runs at the same time)
-Special formula (a game that predicts the performance or record of a matched team or player, such as the winner, ranking, and scored player of the match)

2. Proto has a fixed odds, so the winnings are constant regardless of the number of winners.
Proto's odds are determined by experts. If you choose a low odds game, the odds of winning will be high, but the winning amount will be small, and if you make a bet with a high odds considering the odds, the winning amount will increase but the odds of winning will be low. .
For Proto, the target game is designated by the Toto company, and the odds are determined for the win, draw, and loss of the game.
For example, a dividend is assigned to each win, draw, and loss, such as 1.3--2.2--2.3, and the buyer multiplies the odds of the game of his or her choice (3 or more and 10 or less) and multiplies it by the dividend amount. If it is correct, the dividend is paid.

-Winning Ceremony: A game in which you select only the matches you are confident in and predict the expected outcome (home team wins, draws, loses, or the total sum of the goals scored by both teams is under or over)
-Record type: A game that matches the predictable record in the match, such as the score of a specific match, the scorer, the winner, etc.

Toto and Proto differ in dividends.

Toto is a method of converting the total purchase amount of the people who bought it and refunding it to the winners.
Proto is a method in which sports experts called Oz analyze the probability of win, draw, and lose in advance and announce the dividend in advance.Toto’s dividend amount varies depending on the total bet amount, but Proto’s dividend rate is fixed in advance.
However, when we bet, we can feel that there is a difference in dividends for each Toto site.
The reason is that dividends apply to each betting company, and dividends vary according to the rules of dividend analysis for each Sports Toto site company.

Toto's betting is a game that matches the score of soccer, baseball, and basketball games, and the winning probability is very low because it is a betting match determined by the Toto company and the result of the match is correct. Proto's dividend is determined according to the published odds. It is a structure in which you can select win, draw, or lose by viewing the published matches.

As for the betting method, you can choose a team that can win 2-10 matches and place your bet wherever you want.
Instead, if you bet about 2 to 3 matches, you have a high probability of winning, but the dividend is small. On the contrary, the dividend is much larger in multi-folder bets, but the probability of winning is inevitably lower.

Therefore, if you play for fun on the Toto site and place a small bet, a healthy hobby will be
It will be possible.

The background of Sports Toto's growth and how to use it safely

Starting with the issuance of Toto, the popular sports betting in Europe, or prototype (launched in 2016), had a great impact. As Toto stores in Korea surged, it became easy to access online and offline, and the online betting method called Batman was allowed in the country. Because I did it.

And the ways to enjoy the sports Toto site that we are legally operating are to visit an offline prototype store and buy it by way of a lottery, and Batman Toto, which you can bet online.

However, although the Toto site operated by the National Sports Promotion Corporation is the safest Toto site, many users are moving to private Toto due to the fact that the bet limit is up to 100,000 won, the low exchange rate, and taxes.
Compared to the private Toto site, it is possible to find a safe Toto site that is operated privately due to the low dividend amount, the danpole sanctions, and the fewer number of games.

However, it is not easy for individuals to identify safe Toto sites because countless betting sites are posted as advertisements and it is not easy to compare and search.

There are so many advertisements that you can easily access them, and there are many Muktu sites, and many of these Muktu sites are rejected for various reasons when I settle for money or set high dividends.

However, the really safe Toto site allows you to exchange money immediately within 10 minutes when you apply for currency exchange after winning, and there are many companies that give you additional bonuses when you are late.

In order to enjoy the game safely without worrying about being eaten, it is a good idea to use a verification site that finds a safe Toto site.

There are many ways to win the Toto site.

Watching live broadcasts and sports news, you need to grasp the mood and skill of the team you're betting on, and read the game flow enough.

There are ways to sign up for a fee, such as Wise Toto or Spojoy, or you can get a lot of information by signing up for free at Naver Cafe, Toto Community, or Named.

And in any sport, you can win only by paying attention to the season's trend and familiarizing yourself with the teamwork of the manager's tendency and players, choosing your own main sports field, and studying in your spare time.
Don't be too shaken by the dividend temptation, but don't ignore the flow of dividends.

For reference, places where you can check dividends are Biwon, bet365, and Dafabet overseas, and you can check the dividend flow by looking at live scores in Korea.

Don't bet on a private Toto site.

The legal place is Batman Toto, but if you use a private Toto site,
If you bet through, you can trust it.
This is because most of the private Toto sites often do what they do when they win high dividends.

In order to prevent this, "Wasabi Betting" is used to verify the Toto site and then ask members.

We select and recommend whether it is a verified major site where you can enjoy betting comfortably.

What does a safe Toto site mean?

A secure Toto site is a place where you can bet with money by predicting the outcome of a sporting event.
Private Toto sites are run by individuals online.

Baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.
However, on the private Toto site, not only all popular sports events, but also unpopular sports
You can easily place bets online for a myriad of unpopular sports such as league games, miscellaneous league games, ladder games, legs, power balls, snail games, mgm toto, legs, e-games, and sipping games.

Many Toto users are looking for a safe playground.

We spend a lot of time and energy texting, acquaintances, or finding safe Toto sites among numerous betting sites on the Internet.

Major Toto sites, which are well-reputed, do not spare significant investment in marketing and services to members with strong capital power, and they are much more secure and invest more in safety than general private Toto sites.

Therefore, this is the reason why we look for a Toto site where you can place bets without worrying about getting stuck on a Toto site that is safe and secure rather than a place that offers a lot of free money or bonus 1+1 benefits.

Why should you use major sites?

Major sites operate as a systematic system like Batman and invest a lot of money in security and safety with profits.

Without receiving new members, only existing members can safely operate and additional affiliate sites.
A place that operates a number of affiliated sites by opening and recruiting new members is called a major playground or major site.

The biggest reason why users bet on major Toto sites rather than new private Toto sites is because of safety and capital power, so they don't have to worry about bad things, and because they are thorough in security, it's extremely rare.

So, rather than a new site that gives a lot of money, free money, 1+1, free bonus, etc.
You have to play games on the major Toto site, which has been kept safely for a long time.

Why exactly do you need to use safe playground?

We spend a lot of time and energy trying to find safe playgrounds that have been tested and proven among numerous online betting sites.
Safety playgrounds that are well-recognized are supported by capital, so a considerable investment is invested in marketing as well.

I do not spare. Nevertheless, the safety playground is much more secure than general private Toto sites.

Thorough and safe.
The rich and the poor are bound to grow bigger.

This is because the safety playground is rumored to users as well, resulting in greater investment and more thorough security.
Therefore, we are safe and worry-free at companies that are larger than those that offer a lot of free money or bonus benefits.

It can be seen that it is desirable to play games on the playground.

Advantages and disadvantages of real-time betting sites

There are a wide variety of real-time betting games such as ladders, power ladders, power balls, snail racing, leg legs, low-high, meme, dice, lucky 7, lotus game, lotus sip, and so on. These real-time betting games are very popular because they are fast in progress (results come out in 3 to 5 minutes) and are simple.

Named ladders that match the ladder results once every 5 minutes, power ladders operated by the companion lottery, and named legs are drawn once every three minutes. In a powerball game, predictions are made by analyzing powerballs with real-time statistics of odds, runs, and patterns.

Snail Racing is a game run by Named, and it is a big dividend because it has a 1/3 chance of guessing who gets the first place out of three of the three.

However, while a large amount of winnings can be obtained in a short time, it can be a leading item that can be confiscated while using an unverified muktu site, and balance work, which was commonly encountered in recent media outlets, amplifies the conflict among users.

These various real-time betting games require a lot of time and experience to accumulate, and you have to set up the rules with your own analysis method, but I hope you enjoy it with simple fun for a small amount.

'Live Wire', a sports betting cafe operated by Singapore Pools

At the headquarters of Pools in Singapore (a general sports betting company), various games are broadcast on the large screen of'Live Wire'.

In Singapore,'fairness' and'transparency', and the sports betting and lottery business in Singapore are pursued. Singapore Pools is an official sports betting and lottery operator established in 1968 by the Singapore government. The subject is the Tote Committee under the Ministry of Finance and Economy. It amounts to about 5 billion dollars (about 5.6 trillion won) annually.

In Korea, the annual sales of Nanum Lotto and Sports Toto are about 6 trillion won. Singapore's population is about 5.5 million, about a tenth of our country.
The Tote Committee, which is the subject of the government, operates completely independently, even under the government.
All proceeds from Singapore Pools and Horse Racing Club are directly managed and focused on returning to society.
It is said that the only amount returned so far is 4 billion dollars (4.55 trillion won). By giving back to society,
It is clearly planting the image of the meandering industry.
For example, Singapore Fulls operates an over-the-counter sales office, a small convenience store-type sales office, and a sports betting cafe called'Live Wire'. There are 304 over-the-counter sales offices. There are also 10 separate sales offices under the horse racing club.

There are three'live wires'. Large screen and various conveniences for comfortable betting
Equipped with facilities. In this place, sports and horse racing betting can be held together.
Not only Singapore, but also foreign horse races in Korea and South Africa, and overseas soccer are also broadcast directly.
Don't hide and play illegal gambling, and bet while having fun.

In addition, there is no limit on the amount of the bet. It is the most different from domestic.

In the case of Korea, there are severe regulations on the total sales volume of the legal speculative industry.
In the case of horse racing and racing, the maximum bet amount per race is 100,000 won. However, there is an analysis that this regulation rather encourages online private gambling.
Consumers who want more reimbursements are going to go to an'underground gambling' where there are no restrictions.

Accordingly, many point out that easing is necessary rather than excessive regulation in Korea.
Singapore, on the other hand, focuses on bringing all consumers into'the border of the law'.
Is fitting. In a word, it is the logic of properly supplying that meets demand.
The Singaporean government passed a bill to completely abolish private gambling sites in 2014.

In February of last year, legal sanctions were also in place, such as ordering internet providers to block illegal gambling sites.
"We cannot do separate marketing to attract customers at Pools," said Marilyn Ling.
The goal is to operate a legitimate meandering industry system smoothly. “We pursue responsible betting.
As customer safety comes first, efforts are being made to prevent addiction by operating a gambling addiction prevention clinic.

"Because you can control yourself, you can bet legally."



꽁머니 유저를 위한 차별화된 정보를 제공합니다!

꽁머니를 홍보하는 여러 사이트는 배너광고로 인해 이용자분들의 가독성과, 가시성에 큰 지장을 주고 있습니다. 또한 다량의 계정과

무차별적인 매크로성 홍보를 통해 "그 나물에 그 밥" 이란 말처럼 여기저기 둘러봐도 다 똑같은 놀이터만 보이실 겁니다.

이렇게 똑같은 업체들만 보면 원하는 정보를 제대로 구할 수가 없습니다.


그래서 저희 TAO는 생각했습니다. "이용자분들이 정말 원하는 것이 무엇일까?" 에 대한 고민을 계속 이어나갔습니다.

그 결과 꽁머니 유저들의 '니즈'는 간단한 이용자환경(UI)와, 신뢰도 있는 운영자의 개입요소 였습니다.


365일 24시간 가동되는 무차별적으로 홍보되는 꽁머니 글을 탐지하여, 차단하고 TAO의 가이드라인에 맞춰 정직하게

홍보를 이어나가는 업체들만을 남겨두어 여러분들께 양질의 컨텐츠를 보다 투명하게 제공하려고 합니다.

















무차별적인 홍보글을 차단하여, 신뢰도를 높혔습니다

이런식으로 홍보글을 작성하는 이용자들에게 흔히 말하는 '갑질' 을 행하는 커뮤니티는 TAO를 빼곤 전혀 없었을 겁니다. 그 이유

또한 'TAO' 는 항상 무료머니를 탐하기 위해 혈안이 된 이용자들의 심리를 가장한 유입성 이벤트라는 인식이 매우 강했기 때문에

커뮤니티 이용자들 또한 뒷짐을 지고 방관했기 때문입니다.


하지만 저희 TAO는 이렇게 생각합니다. 꽁머니란, 예전엔 이용자와 토토사이트 사이에서 생겨난 작은 이벤트로 인해 이슈가 되고

큰 파장이 있었지만 지금은 하나의 문화로 작용하고 있는 매우 견고하고, 단단해진 상품이라고 생각합니다.


때문에 저희 TAO는 앞으로도 이 무시받고 천대 받았던 꽁머니 시장의 개척을 위해 노력할 것이며, 그 시작을 정확하고 클린한

정보만을 엄선하여 제공하는 노력을 바탕으로 여러분과 함께 하려합니다.
















TAO가 먹튀검증한, 안전한 업체를 여러분께 추천합니다

무차별적 악성 꽁머니 홍보 글을 관리하여 제공하는 업무 이 외에도 저희 커뮤니티는 항상 먹튀검증 절차 또한 함께하고 있습니다.


오랜기간 쌓아온 노하우를 통해 안전한 놀이터만을 선별하고 해당 업체와의 컨택과 제휴를 통해서 보증금을 예치받아서 소개해 드리고

있습니다. 이를 확인 하시려면 게시글 리스트 [보증업체] 란으로 이동하시면 금액별 보증금 예치금액을 확인 하실수 있으며, 먹튀시에

언제나 문의를 주시면 보증금 한도내에 100% 전액보장이 가능하기에, 걱정없이 이용하실 수 있도록 피드백을 다할 것 입니다.

해당 업체들은 비교적 혜택과 이벤트가 적어 보일수도 있지만 말도 안되는 거창한 이벤트를 제공하는 놀이터는 대부분 먹튀가 정말

빈번하게 일어나기 때문에 이미 먹튀를 당해보셨거나, 이를 걱정하는 이용자분은 저희 TAO의 검증업체를 한번 이용해보시는 것도

정말 좋은 방법중 하나입니다.

파라오 카지노

꽁머니를 위한 단 하나의 커뮤니티 타오!

차별화된 꽁머니 홍보방으로서 한 눈에 볼수 있는 레이아웃을 자랑합니다

강화된 모니터링을 적용하여 먹튀사이트 홍보글이 업데이트되면 자동삭제를 구현하였습니다

도배성 매크로 홍보글을 방지하여 클린한 꽁머니 정보를 얻으실수 있습니다

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